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We specialize in all kinds of antique clock repairs and restoration.

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Antique Clock Repairs and Restoration Cirencester

Antique Clock Repair / Restoration

Here at Antique Clock Repairs & Restoration UK, we offer various levels of antique clock repair and restoration to your cherished timepiece with silver, gold and platinum levels available. We always take the utmost care and attention during the restoration of your beloved clock. We have years of experience and knowledge, fully insured and all our work comes with a warranty for complete piece of mind for our client

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Clock Case Restoration

We can undertake professional restoration of any clock case weather it is a wooden clock case, brass/bronze clock case, painted clock case, chinoiserie clock case, longcase clock case. All our restoration services are carried out to the highest standard possible

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Mantle Clock Repairs
grandfather clock repairs

Dial Restoration

We undertake professional restoration to various types of antique clock dials. Weather it be brass dials, silvered dials, porcelain dials, painted dials, enamel dials we can arrange professional restoration of any antique clock dial to the highest of standards

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Annual oiling service

We offer an annual oiling service for our clients to ensure that your cherished clock stays in tip top condition after servicing which reduces wear to the bushes and pivots and will keep your clock running correctly between service intervals. We can undertake this in the comfort of your own home most of the time

Annual oiling Service Antique Clock Restoration Swansea
Antique Clock Restoration and Repairs Gloucestershire Swansea

clock set up and home visits

We offer a full clock setup and transportation service weather you want to move your clock to another room in your home or you want it transported to another property then we got you covered. We will professionally pack, transport and setup your clock correctly to whatever location you choose. We also offer a consultation service where we can visit your home to inspect your clock and offer a no obligation quote for repair

modern quartz battery clocks

As well as offering a full restoration service on antique mechanical clocks we also offer a modern quartz battery repair service weather this is repairing a quartz unit, completely replacing quartz units or refitting hands. Whatever your modern battery clock needs you can be sure that we can undertake these using good quality replacements

Modern Quartz Battery Clock Repairs Wales