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There is no definite answer to this question. This depends on weather your antique clock has been looked after and cared for in previous years. If your clock has been well cared for previously with regular lubrication undertaken and serviced at appropriate intervals and has now stopped then your clock more than likely only needs a slight adjustment or minor repair. If your clock has been running for years without lubrication or servicing then the chances are it is going to need a full strip, clean and service then we can talk you through about looking after the clock going forward.

Here at antique clock repairs & restoration offer a number of different affordable repair and servicing options with bronze, silver and gold packages to suit all kind of clocks which may be in various states of repair. We will carefully inspect the clock and will inform our clients of what we think would be the best option with full clarity upfront and cost discussed and agreed so you will not have any unexpected costs added. You will know exactly what you are paying before hand.

The simple answer is a clock cannot really be overwound. This is a very common misconception with our clients. The only way a clock can be overwound is if you forcefully wind the clock after full wind so that the mainspring actually breaks. The clock should still work on full wind and if the clock does not work then the problem is probably something else stopping power getting to the escapement which could be clogged up old congealed oil and dirt, broken teeth to wheel, bent arbour or the most common reason excessive wear to pivots and bushes causing friction which is sorted by means of a service.

If your antique clock does not work or if it has stopped working please seek help from a professional. Please do not be tempted into trying to get it working by either messing with the internals, spraying wd40 or any other silicone spray into the mechanism or using 3 in 1 oil or any other oil as this will almost certainly cause more damage or problems than it already has. It may sort a problem out in the short term but guaranteed it will cause further long term damage and wear and the original problem will still exist. It could be something very simple and easy to sort so by seeking help from a professional then they can advise you and sort the issue.

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring the clock to our workshop however if this is not an option and you will struggle to get it to us we do offer a collection, delivery and setup service if you would prefer this option. This will be discussed with you upon enquiry.

There is no fixed time that your treasured possession will be in our care when needing a repair or service. This all depends on the level of repair and servicing it requires. We always aim to get our clocks out as quickly as possible after repair, servicing and vigorous testing. We do not rush any repair or service and we always vigorously test clocks after the repair or service to ensure there are no issues and to regulate the clocks. Our average timescale is around 3 months for completion but could be a lot quicker or slightly longer depending on the problem etc.

Yes, we offer home visits to attend to all antique clocks and offer a full setting up service for antique clocks including carriage clocks, mantel clocks, bracket clocks, fusee clocks, wall clocks, regulator clocks, long case grandfather clocks and any other mechanical clock. We also offer a full transport service for clocks where we will collect from an address and transport the clock to a different address and set it up in full. For more information please contact us.

After your clock has been serviced we recommend an oil and lubrication every 12 – 18 months. This ensures the clock does not run dry and ensures all correct parts are lubricated with the finest quality clock oils that are available. This will ensure the clock lasts longer in between service intervals. This is a simple procedure for us and can be done at home. We can set up reminders on our system to make sure you keep on top of this.

If the clock is oiled and lubricated regularly as above then the intervals in between services will be a lot longer. If the clock is not regularly oiled and lubricated then the clock will end up needing servicing much more often. Mechanical clocks are like cars or any other mechanics that need regular maintenance but if unkept then they treat you well. This is a very important point.

If you have just had your clock fully serviced then you get it home put it on a level service and it does not run or runs for a short while then stops then this is a beat setting issue. We always recommend having us to deliver the clock back and set up because this can be quite tricky for the novice. This can also be the case if it has been set up and then moved to a different location. We offer a setting up service if ever you want to move your clock to a different location.

This is quite normal and can take about a week after delivery back and set up to regulate the clock correctly. We will give full instructions to you at time of setup on how you achieve very good time keeping. This will only be very minimal as Most of the regulation is done at the workshop but final adjustments will definitely need to be done at home over the coarse of about a week because it will be a different environment etc and could be many different factors.

Most antique clocks need winding once a week however, some clocks do need winding every day and some clocks once a month. Both the once a day and once a month clocks are pretty scarce and We will advise you how often your clock needs winding upon completion of work.

Here at Antique Clock Restoration UK, we offer various levels of repair and restoration to your cherished timepiece and we take the utmost care during the restoration of your beloved clock

Here at Antique Clock Restoration U.K we can arrange professional restoration of any clock case weather it is a wooden clock case, brass/bronze clock case, painted clock case, chinoiserie clock case, longcase clock case. All our restoration services are carried out to the highest standard possible

Here at Antique Clock Restoration U.K we undertake professional restoration to various types of antique clock dials. Weather it be brass dials, silvered dials, porcelain dials, painted dials, enamel dials we can arrange professional restoration of any antique clock dial to the highest of standards.