• Antique Clock Repair / Restoration

    Here at Antique Clock Restoration UK, we offer various levels of repair and restoration to your cherished timepiece and we take the utmost care during the restoration of your beloved clock

    We offer various services to include Complete Restoration, Movement Servicing, Dial Restoration, Case Restoration, Furniture Restoration, Mechanical Watch Repairs.

    We offer 2 levels of servicing to suit everybody’s circumstances and needs, a Silver Service and a Gold Service. Details of each are shown below

    Silver Service

    • Customer drops clock off at the workshop
    • Movement completely stripped & ultrasonically cleaned
    • Parts checked for major wear and customer informed of any parts that need repair or replacing
    • Worn pivots polished
    • Plates checked for any bushes that are needed and customer informed
    • Mainsprings cleaned and greased
    • Movement reassembled and oiled
    • Movement tested for a period of 7 days
    • Customer collects clock from the workshop
    • 3 Months warranty

    Gold Service

    • We collect clock from customers home
    • Movement fully stripped & ultrasonically cleaned
    • Parts are checked for wear and repaired where needed (Any replacement parts are extra)
    • All pivots are polished to a mirror finish
    • All bushing work is included in the price
    • All wheels, gears & plates are hand polished
    • Mainsprings replaced for new and greased
    • Escapement pallets refaced
    • Movement reassembled very carefully
    • All pivot holes, escapement and levers are oiled fully
    • Movement tested fully for 14 days and computer timed for accuracy
    • We deliver the clock back and set up at customers home
    • 12 Month warranty


    Whatever your antique clock repair or restoration needs are please contact us as your clock is bound to be in the very best of hands here at Antique Clock Restoration UK. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction before, during and after any work has been completed.


    IMG_0413                  IMG_0787                  IMG_0848                  IMG_1467


    IMG_1279                        IMG_4717                       IMG_1491                        IMG_8304


    IMG_8404                                    IMG_9082                                  IMG_9277


    IMG_9418                    IMG_9421                    IMG_9506                    IMG_9422


    IMG_9419          IMG_9508          IMG_9715          IMG_9737


    IMG_9740                  IMG_9783                 IMG_9943                 IMG_9954


    IMG_9979          movement3          movement1          IMG_0787



  • Clock Case Restoration

    Here at Antique Clock Restoration U.K we can arrange professional restoration of any clock case weather it is a wooden clock case, brass/bronze clock case, painted clock case, chinoiserie clock case, longcase clock case. All our restoration services are carried out to the highest standard possible using traditional and contemporary methods to give your clock case a new lease of life just like the day it was made

    Wooden Case Restoration

    All our wooden clock case restoration is carried out to the very highest of standards. We can make mouldings, finials and almost anything to match originals. We can also carry out french polishing to any wooden clock case and can restore any wooden clock case no matter what condition it is in or no matter how much is missing. We can also arrange for missing inlays to be replaced and match perfectly to any clock case. In fact, anything wooden we can professionally restore back to how it should be

    case3                            case2                           case                               case6


    IMG_9342                             IMG_9395                               IMG_1500                           IMG_1311


    Brass / Bronze Case Restoration

    We can fully restore antique brass or bronze clock cases using various methods and finishes. We can fully polish and lacquer brass carriage clock cases, brass mantle clock cases and any brass or bronze cases. We can also arrange gold plating to brass or bronze cases and can clean ormolu cases. Please see the pictures below of some of the brass and bronze cases we have restored previously


    IMG_9695                              IMG_9668                              IMG_9064                           IMG_1401


    IMG_0993                   IMG_8360                    IMG_9342                     IMG_9881


    polish1                   polish                     polish2                     polish4


    polish3     polish5     case1     case5     IMG_1134     IMG_9901


    Chinoiserie & Painted Clock Cases

    We can also arrange professional restoration of painted clock cases and also chinoiserie decorated clock cases to a very high standard. Please see the pictures below of some of the cases we have restored previously


    IMG_8677    IMG_8681     IMG_8683      IMG_8679     IMG_8678      IMG_1280


    Whatever your clock case restoration needs then please get in touch because rest assured we can carry out your restoration to a very high professional standard. No matter how small or large the job required we can restore using traditional and contemporary methods and get your clock case back to how it should be and give it that new lease of life just like the first day it was made


  • Dial Restoration

    Here at Antique Clock Restoration U.K we undertake professional restoration to various types of antique clock dials. Weather it be brass dials, silvered dials, porcelain dials, painted dials, enamel dials we can arrange professional restoration of any antique clock dial to the highest of standards. All dials are restored professionally using the tradition and correct methods just like the first day they were made

    Whatever state your antique clock dial is in you can be rest assured that we can arrange the professional repair of it to the highest quality imaginable. Please get in touch via the contact us page for a quote on your dial restoration



    IMG_8337   IMG_1486    IMG_9076  IMG_9387   dial2     dial3

    dial    IMG_9994  IMG_9999


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