Antique Clock Repairs

Terms & Conditions – Clock Repair

  • The use of our clock repair service is subject to your acceptance of and compliance with the following terms and conditions.
  • Anyone who brings an item for repair to Antique Clock Repairs & Restoration UK, alleges to be the owner or authorised agent of the owner of the clock and releases Antique Clock Repairs & Restoration UK, from any liability for said clock accept as agreed by these terms
  • We do not require advance payment for repairs, payment is due upon collection of the item or upon delivery of the item to the client’s address. The clock may be retained by Antique Clock Repair & Restoration UK, pending full payment
  • Estimates are approximate on initial inspection of the mechanism. If additional work is required which would add 20% or more to the estimate, then Antique Clock Repair & Restoration UK will contact the client to get approval before the work is carried out
  • Our estimated time for completion of a clock repair is 3-4 months and is estimated upon receipt of the item into our workshops. Antique Clock Repairs & Restoration UK will not be held responsible for unforeseen delays
  • All Items whilst in our possession are fully insured for theft, loss and damage
  • All detachable parts of the clock case, including winding keys and door keys will be removed and retained by the client during the repair time
  • Before and after pictures of the restoration may appear on our website and social media accounts


  • We offer a 12 month warranty on all full services (not part repairs or oil services) which is extended to 24 months if client has us to undertake a lubrication service at 12 months
  • Warranty starts from date of invoice and covers parts and labour with the exceptions stated below
  • Warranty is not transferable and only applicable to the original transaction

        The following are excluded from our warranty:

  • Cost of repair or replacement Mainsprings, broken wheels & teeth caused by mainspring breaking after service
  • Repair or replacement of weight cables, gut or chain
  • Repair or replacement of broken hands
  • Replacement of broken glass
  • Accidental damage or damage caused by misuse of the clock, unreasonable winding force
  • Failure due to metal fatigue of old parts and any damage caused thereby
  • Evidence or tampering with work undertaken by Antique Clock Repairs & Restoration UK by a third party either in the trade or not unless we have designated that person to do so
  • Initial setting up issues including a suitable place for the clock, getting clock into beat so it continues to tick, winding the clock and any other setting up issues where the extra delivery & Setup service as not been taken up by the client. Where this service has not been taken up by the client then any call out resulting from setting up issues will incur a standard call out fee
  • Any further setup callouts after 1 week of clock working fine will be charged extra
  • Final timekeeping and regulation are the responsibility of the owner because of temperature variables. All clocks are regulated at the workshop however will almost certainly need slight adjustment when setup after a few days. Good timekeeping for an antique clock is said to be anywhere within 10 minutes per week